CATEGORY: F-2, 3-4, STEMLinc

Plant Your History at Elizabeth Farm

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

STEMLinc Video Conferencing: In this live, online event students have the opportunity to explore the shared history of the Burramattagal people and European settlers on Darug Country, at the site of Elizabeth Farm in Parramatta, one of Australia’s oldest colonial residences.

Year Level: F-4

Duration: 45 mins

Background Information

Students will learn about the different ways these two groups have used the land and it’s resources, and consider the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal people and Country. They will also be introduced to an installation artwork by Kuku Yalanji artist Tony Albert, and explore ideas around continuing connection and responsibility to land, healing and sustainability. As part of this artwork exploration, students will learn how to create their own seeded paper.  STEMLinc join forces with the Sydney Living Museum for this special FREE event.

Prior Knowledge:

No prior knowledge required.

Learning Intentions

In this program students will,

  • Identify how plants and animals are used for food and fibre products
  • Learn how agricultural processes are used to grow plants and raise animals for food, clothing and shelter
  • Learn ways in which people, places and environments interact.


Pre-excursion activity:

As a class, look at the first image of Elizabeth Farm on this  webpage (The residence of John McArthur Esqre. near Parramatta, New South Wales by Joseph Lycett). This painting shows Elizabeth Farm in 1821. As a class discuss what can be seen in this painting. in your diuscussion, consider the inquiry question: How is Country/Place important to Aboriginal peoples and what ongoing impact has the arrival of settlers had on Aboriginal people and Country.

After your discussion, as a class think any questions you have about Elizabeth Farm, Darug Country and colonial gardens. Email these to  before 3pm on Wednesday 26th May. Please include your school name when emailing questions.

Post-excursion activity:

During the event students will learn how to make their own seeded paper. Detailed instructions will be provided after booking.

Curriculum links


Levels F-2

Explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter (VCDSTC015)

Level 3 and 4

  • Investigate food and fibre production used in modern or traditional societies (VCDSTC025)

Date: May 27th 2021

Time:  2 pm

Bookings: Click here to book   (NOTE: You will be prompted to register with Dart Connections. This is the NSW Ed Dept. VC booking system.)