Facing the Furnace

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Course Overview

Students are immersed in a scenario involving a 3D Volcanic experience. They come to understand the importance of close monitoring and organisation of data to assist with prediction and the minimisation of risk to living things. Interactive activities and quizzes maintain the learning momentum as students work through this course.  A journey of exploration encountering the sudden geological changes and extreme weather that effects the Earth’s surface.  Students are engaged in a scenario involving a 3D Volcanic experience.

Background Information

Geological processes can either take a very long time to have an effect on the earths surface (e.g. formation of mountains) or quite quickly (e.g. tsunami or volcanoes). Many students have not personally experienced sudden geological changes therefore it is important to opportunities to building their knowledge and understanding. This course combines maths and geology to build on and extend their current knowledge of volcanoes.

Year Level: 5 – 6

Prior Knowledge:

Students will have a Level 3 and 4 knowledge of the use of provided tables and column graphs to organise and identify patterns and trends in data.  They will have been engaged in conversations around how natural and human processes cause changes to Earth’s surface.

Course Connections:

Does this course link to other Ecolinc programs?

This course is can stand alone as a learning experience.

Learning Intentions:

Students will learn how to:

  1. Explain how natural events cause rapid change to the Earth’s surface.
  2. Predict and describe the effect of environmental changes on individual living things.
  3. Make predictions based on previous experiences or general rules.
  4. Identify and manage potential safety risks.
  5. Make and record accurate observations as tables.
  6. Organise data into tables to identify and analyse patterns and relationships.

Estimated Duration: 2 hours

Victorian Curriculum:

Science – Science Understanding

  • Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface (VCSSU080)

Course Creator: Jo Tate