Plant Transport System

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Course Overview

STEMLinc Video Conferencing: Where does a plant get it’s minerals? Delve into Plant Transport Systems with Tidda Tash and students can partake in some interactive experiments while they uncover the phenomena behind this science.

Year Level: 7 – 8

Duration: 75 Minutes

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Background Information:

Organisms are made up of systems which help them survive. In plants the transportation system is largely made up of two types of vascular tissues; the xylem and phloem.

Prior Knowledge:

Prior knowledge regarding cell organelles is useful however not required.

Learning Intentions:

In this program students will:

  • List the organelles specific to a plant cell and identify these under a microscope
  • Demonstrate how capillary action works in a plants transport system
  • Summarize the way in which water and nutrients travel through a plant, specifically the xylem and phloem


In this program students will:

  • Observe plant tissue under a microscope
  • Demonstrate capillary action using a paper model at home
  • Follow the processes of translocation and transpiration
  • Explore stomata function through an at home experiment.

Victorian Curriculum:

Science – Biological Sciences

  • Cells are the basic units of living things and have specialised structures and functions (VCSSU092)
  • Multicellular organisms contain systems of organs that carry out specialised functions that enable them to survive and reproduce (VCSSU094)

Science – Questioning and Predicting

  • With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and predict what might happen based on prior knowledge (VCSIS065)

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