CATEGORY: VCE 1 & 2 Environmental Science, VCE 3 & 4 Environmental Science, 9-10, STEMLinc

Reefs at Risk

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Course Overview

STEMLinc Video Conferencing: The Great Barrier Reef is internationally recognised for its outstanding beauty and biological diversity, which is reflected in its status as a World Heritage Area. However, the Reef and its inhabitants are under threat from a number of human impacts. Learn how each of these threats affect the Reef and the animals and plants that call it home.  Find out what Reef Managers are doing to reduce impacts and keep the Reef healthy and resilient.  Discover how you can help protect the Reef, no matter where you live. (Image: Reef HQ)

Booking Options:  There are two options for the Reef HQ suite of programs:

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Year Level: 9 –  VCE Environmental Science (Session adapted to suit the age group) 

Duration: 1 hour

STEM in a box: No but the following supporting resources are available:

Please see Reefs-at-Risk for more program details and links to additional reference materials.

Background Information:  Climate change is the single biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef, as it is to many ecosystems around the world.  The cumulative impact of climate change, land run-off and other threats is testing the ability of the Reef to recover from major disturbances.

Prior Knowledge: No prior knowledge required

Learning Intentions: 

In this video conference students will:

  • Appreciate the biological and ecosystem diversity and the multiple uses of the Marine Park
  • Learn about the top four threats to the Reef
  • Understand what is being done to help increase Reef health and resilience


In this video conference students will:

  • Consider what actions we can all do to help the Reef
  • Interact with presenters and be able ask individual questions
  • Have access to supporting materials for pre- and/or post-event study

Victorian Curriculum:

Science: Yrs 9 -10

Science – Biological science

  • Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic components of the environment; matter and energy flow through these systems  VCSSU121

VCE: Environmental Science

  • Unit 1: How are Earth’s dynamic systems interconnected to support life?
  • Unit 2: What affects Earths capacity to sustain life?

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