Safe Labs

Course Overview

Image Credit: EnvatoElements All students planning to attend any Ecolinc programs involving the use of our laboratories are required to complete this course prior to their day visit.


In this course, students will cover all the necessary aspects of laboratory safety during their time at Ecolinc.  When planning any work in a laboratory the risk of exposure to laboratory hazards is an important consideration.   This course is part of Ecolinc’s risk minimisation for student safety.

Background information

Students will engage with inter-actives, video and quizzes as they explore what it means to be safe in a science laboratory.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Learning intentions

  1. Students understand the variety of hazards that laboratory work presents.
  2. Students reflect responsibly on their role in ensuring personal safety and the safety of others in a laboratory setting.
  3. Students will be able to apply safety principals to a series of imagined scenarios.

Estimated Duration: 60 minutes

Victorian Curriculum Descriptors

Science Inquiry Skills
  • Students safely use equipment to make and record formal measurements and observations.
  • Students use formal and informal scientific language to communicate their observations, methods and findings.
  • Students make predictions based on scientific knowledge. (VCSIS107)

Course Development Team Leader

Jo Tate

Video Production

David Tait