Ecolinc Learn onLine is a virtual classroom which offers engaging environmental courses for students in Grade 3 to Year 12.  Grade 3 to Year 10 courses cover the themes Life, Water, Energy, Air and Earth and are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.  VCE courses cover Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics. Some of the courses offered will prepare students for their booked on-site programs, some provide for follow-up learning in the classroom and others can be utilised as stand-alone courses.

Learn onLine provides schools with an additional avenue for STEM-based learning in a virtual environment. Using a Moodle platform our team is designing effective online courses based on sound pedagogical principles. The selected set of teaching and learning tools are designed to enhance a student’s learning experience. Student-directed interactivity and the provision of immediate feedback supports student learning in the Learn online environment. Students engage in a range of stimulating multimedia designed to progress their scientific learning journeys.

Teachers enroll their classes in the available courses and easily monitor individual progress. Our expert team has designed a range of courses to make your planned on-site experience more meaningful. Other courses will allow you to extend your students’ learning following an on-site visit to Ecolinc.  

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