Welcome to Ecolinc’s online environmental learning!

Your students can engage in a range of stimulating multimedia activities designed to progress their scientific learning journeys. Select from our range of environmental online courses.  Teachers can also use the courses as a teaching tool with a whole class.  This can be done virtually or in your school classroom.

Step One: Register as a Teacher to gain access to the full range of Courses.  Please use your school email address for authentication filtering purposes.  

TIP: Please clear your computer’s cookies and cache if you experience issues accessing courses after you register. 

Step Two:  Your students are able to self-register. This is our preferred option at Learn onLine.   Students will need any current email address.  The system will also accept non-school based email addresses for students.

TIP: Please instruct students to note down their case sensitive  username and password for future reference.

Bulk Enrolments

For Victorian junior Primary classes (Years P-4) a bulk enrolment option is available. Junior Victorian students will still need a current email address.  Teachers can enter their students’ names and details into the downloadable Bulk Enrolment Form and forward that to the Ecolinc Learn onLine team. Once students have been involved in an initial program they remain on the system making it easy for them to explore other courses.

How to complete the Bulk Enrolment Form

  1. READ all these six instructions carefully FIRST please.  Note the example below set out like the spreadsheet.
  2. Download the Bulk Enrolment Spreadsheet.
  3. Use the particular Question1 and Question2 exactly as they appear in the sample below Enter your own students’ individual Y.O.B an M.O.B (see example below) responses into the adjoining columns.
  4. It is recommended that teachers register using the actual webpage interface method.  Teachers can alternately add their name to their class bulk registration spreadsheet but they must use their school based email address and specify Teacher in the role column. (Please note: Use Capital ‘T’ for Teachers and ‘S’ for Students) Username must be unique across all of our users or your bulk enrolment will be rejected. Please use the school’s initials followed by the school’s current student ID number, and student’s initials (see example below).    You will have to use Question1 and Question2 as they appear here which may not be secure enough for a teacher.  The webpage registration method gives more question options for teacher security.
  5. Complete each column with your students’ details.  Please DO NOT accidentally include any extra spaces in the email addresses or usernames etc.  Check carefully before sending.
    We recommend you keep a copy of the junior student usernames and passwords spreadsheet to pass on to their teacher next year.
  6. Lastly attach and email the spreadsheet to (tate.joanne.e@edumail.vic.gov.au).

Mention in your email:

  • What school you are from
  • If your school is government, Catholic, private or independent
  • What Victorian Region your school is in.
  • Put ‘LMS bulk enrolment’ into the Subject line of the email












username user-email User_pass First_name Last_name role Question1 Answer1 Question2 Answer2


APS00123JT mclean.angus@edumail.vic.gov.au 123xyz Angus McLean Teacher What year were you born? 1990 In what month were you born? April







bill@gmail.com.au 666&& Bill Keen Student What year were you born? 1980 In what month were you born? March

Our learning platform

We use Moodle as our learning platform.  It is designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

Teachertube video platform

We use the Teachertube platform for video storage and access.  This is the safest option for students and it is not blocked on Victorian school servers.  We apologise for the short advertisement at the beginning of each video.

Why use Ecolinc OnLine?

Planning a visit to Ecolinc? Why not start the learning cycle now?

Some of the courses offered prepare students for their booked on-site programs, others provide for follow-up learning back in your classroom. You will also find specialised course resources to support teachers as they guide the involvement of their students in Ecolinc Learn onLine courses.  The courses can be projected onto a whiteboard for a whole class approach or used individually.

Virtual options

Ecolinc onsite programs can often be heavily booked. Ecolinc Learn online is another great option for engaging your students in meaningful environmental learning.

Moodle Badges

Students will be rewarded with a virtual Moodle virtual badge after completion of all components in a course.