Meet the Ecolinc Learn Online design team



Linda Flynn

Qualifications:Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education


Linda joined the Ecolinc team as Director in 2015 after a significant leadership career including as an acting Senior Advisor in the SWVR and as Principal of Mount Clear College for 6 years.  Linda is passionate and dedicated to providing students with the best educational opportunities in environmental education.  Linda is personally interested in animal conservation to ensure that future generations can witness, appreciate and benefit from the marvellous diversity that we have on earth.


David Tait

Bachelor of Science Melbourne College of Advanced Education

Assistant Director

David’s interests and passions are his family and friends, the mighty Hawthorn football club, photography and videography (both shooting and video manipulation).  David has a strong commitment to STEM education and collaborating in the highly productive team at Ecolinc.


Ainsley Bellette

Team Member

to be added

Amy Hampson

BScHons MTeach

Team Member

Amy spent 10 years as a biomedical researcher in the field of hearing sciences before deciding to share her love of science as a biology and chemistry teacher. She has a passion for native wildlife, and is a wildlife rescue volunteer. In her spare time Amy enjoys knitting and embroidery like the old lady she is inside.

Natasha Ward

Bachelor of Secondary Education Hons, Bachelor of Sci

Team Member

Natasha studied education and science, and had a passion for genetics and Indigenous knowledge’s. She wants to inspire students to enjoy science and ask questions about their environment. 

I acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which I work and study.

Joanne Tate

Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma Computing, Diploma of Education

Project Officer

Jo is thrilled to be associated with the Ecolinc team and to support their innovative delivery of STEM programs to Victorian students. She brings a comprehensive background in digital technologies, Learning Management Systems, and curriculum planning.  One of her passions is broadening Ecolinc’s existing networks to seek out new, exciting links to industries and tertiary sectors.

Son Do

‎PhD Computational High Energy Physics


As the technician at Ecolinc, Son is very interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In his spare time Son is very keen on hiking in the great outdoors.


Nicole Mason

Bachelor Science Natural Resource Management & Bachelor Education Primary and Secondary Teaching

Education Officer

Nicole has been working as an Education Officer at Ecolinc since it opened in 2005.  She hopes to inspire students to respect the environment and to leave the planet in a better way than it was found.  In her spare time Nicole and her family enjoy the outdoors, camping, bush walking and heading the beach in summer.


Anthony Fernando

PhD, BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Ed

Education Officer

Anthony did a PhD on the mathematics of fire, and worked as a researcher and software engineer before becoming a Mathematics and Physics teacher.  He enjoys bush walking and bird watching, gardening, and playing his rock guitar in his spare time.  Anthony loves Bearded Dragons and cares for the reptiles at Ecolinc.


Bob Winters

Qualtifications: Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Education La Trobe University

Education Officer

In Bob’s 40 years as an environmental educator he has taught around 130,000 students, worked with a few thousand teachers, and is the author of around 80 books. These days most of the education material Bob writes goes on the web. He’s an accomplished naturalist and photographer.  He still gets a massive buzz every time he has an opportunity to be sharing our environment with students.


Carol-Anne Glynne

Bachelor of Science (Melb Uni), Dip Ed (Monash Uni), Masters of Contemporary Science (ANU)

Outreach Officer

Carol-Anne is a member of the teaching team at Ecolinc. She lives on 10 acres with her husband, kids and horses. She feels very lucky to be working in a STEM center such as Ecolinc. She is also heavily involved in the community theater in Geelong.


Patrice Kennedy

Certificate 4 Lab Technology, Diploma in Natural Resource Management

Laboratory Technician

Patrice has been with Ecolinc since the very beginning. Patrice is the laboratory technician at Ecolinc.  Her work is integral to the successful daily delivery of teaching and learning.

Julie Gogeff


Julie has worked at Ecolinc since it opened in 2005.  As such she has witnessed the growth of Ecolinc as an amazing STEM education facility and on a daily basis Julie sees students from different schools across Victoria enjoying their STEM learning.