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The GOOD News is:  

STEM Linc will be running video conference programs during the pandemic to support students learning from home.  A modified suite of video conferences for classes of students dialling individually from home has been developed.
(Schools with existing bookings have been contacted separately)


Available Programs Term 2, 2020

  1. Adaptations: Yrs 3-6 Visit the Ecolinc Lizard Lounge with Professor Noah Lott and discover the structural features and adaptations that help animals to survive in their environment. How is the growth and survival of living things effected by the physical conditions of their environment?  Meet some of  our lizard stars Rocky, Richmond, Caramel and Tyrant  during this live dial-in event.
  2. Animal Life Cycles: Yrs 3-6 Dial in and let Ranger Nicole engage your students and get up close and personal with Ecolinc animals to explore their lifecycles. Understand that different animals have different lifecycles and that environmental factors can affect these life cycles. 
  3. Continental Drift: Yrs 5-6 Alfred Wegener in 1912 describes the Earths outer layer, the crust, as being made up of giant ‘plates’ that drift apart and together over millions of years.  Let Professor Noah Lott engage your students in the science of sudden geological change and how it affects the earth’s surface.  Students will discover the science of volcanoes and explore how liquids and gasses behave in different ways .
  4. Eat or Be Eaten…Wetlands: Yrs 3-6 Dial in and let Ranger Nicole engage your students as they experience the amazing, crazy critters in the wetlands. Go on a virtual tour of the Ecolinc wetland to discover the tiny creatures and the larger animals that eat them. Explore their interactions with one another through food chains and food webs.
  5. Birds of Prey: Flying with Nature’s Top Guns: Yrs 5-6 (Leigh Valley Hawk & Owl Sanctuary) Meet some of the most highly adapted predators on planet earth. Birds of Prey are a perfect example of how specialising in a certain method of hunting and focusing on certain prey species can ensure that these different types of predatory bird are not in direct competition with each other.  What makes a Kestrel such a highly evolved and deadly predator of large insects and rodents? How does a Peregrine Falcon reach speeds that exceed those of Grand Prix racing cars?  How is an Owl able to tackle a mouse in complete darkness? You will meet a cross section of our beautiful raptors and marvel at their adaptations and ‘weaponry’ live in front of the camera for this exclusive video conferencing opportunity. (Thursdays only: 11 am & 2 pm)
  6. Slimy Science: Yrs 3-6 What’s better than playing with slime? Playing with slime for Science!  Join Tidda Tash and learn about the Science behind bath bombs, and why molecules in these substances behave the way they do.
  7. Koori Collection: Vulnerable species, sustainability: Yrs 3-6 (details coming soon)
  8. Plant Transport System Yrs 7-8 : Where does a plant get it’s minerals? Delve into Plant Transport Systems with Tidda Tash and students can partake in some interactive experiments that can be done safely at home.
  9. Green Chemistry Yrs 9-10: The aim of Green Chemistry is to look at the whole lifecycle of a product or a material and minimize the impact on the environment.  In part one of this program students will firstly be introduced to the problems of plastic in our environment including microplastics and where they are found.  The students will then be shown a simple method to make plastic from plant starches and will discuss the effects of this compostable plastic on the environment.  In Part two the students will be introduced to solvents, how they work and the issues associated with their use.  Students will then be shown how the solvent, limonene, can be extracted from orange peel and discuss the effects of this natural solvent on the environment.
  10. Live from Alaska Sea Life Center Yrs 2-5   Visit Alaska…  virtually! Discover how these mammals are able to thrive in Alaska’s frigid waters by observing our own resident harbor seals and sea lions. Using interactive video conferencing equipment or just a laptop & webcam, your students can expand their scientific experience via live, multi-media presentations. Using inquiry-based learning, these 55-minute conferences incorporate live animals (whenever possible) and current research programs happening right here at the dynamic Alaska SeaLife Center! The materials for each program include a teacher’s guide with specific background information and activity ideas, as well as supplies for the session’s hands-on activities. May 14th 10-11 am
  11. Fabulous Frogs Yrs 1-2 Discover how to identify frogs in your own backyard.  Students will compare a frogs features and observe how frogs catch and eat live prey.  Allow your students to explore their curiosity of frogs whilst being actively engaged in discovering concepts such as camouflage and metamorphosis through movement, song and play. Join us for fun with frogs!
  12. Plant Adaptations Yrs 3-4 Plants are living things but they can’t run away from predators like animals can.  Join Professor Noah Lott as he explores the amazing ways that plants adapt and thrive in their environment.
  13. Classifying Living Things Yrs 7-8 Students will explore the classification system used to identify animals and reasons for classifying organisms.  They will then develop their own identification key.

Meet our engaging STEM Linc presentation team




Introducing Ranger Nicole, environmentalist and enthusiastic curriculum coordinator here at Ecolinc.  Nicole takes students on exciting, informative adventures during her engaging sessions.

Introducing  Tidda Tash, a proud Aboriginal woman who grew up on the lands of the Kulin nation.  She loves science,  the environment and learning and teaching Indigenous knowledge to all that she meets.

Our very own Professor Noah Lott is a favourite with students and Ecolinc’s lizards! Passionate about reptiles (& volcanoes) he has a wealth of knowledge and engages students in scientific discovery.

Introducing the Green Fairy! Ainsley loves nature and is passionate about how we can look after and protect our environment.  Join Ainsley as she shares her enthusiasm and passion for the world around us.

Book my class in!

During the pandemic and while students are learning from home, we will host the video conference to one class at a time for a more personalised experience.  We have a very easy handout for students (and parents)  to support them with using ZOOM. (Click here)  We will also be using ZOOM’s fantastic new security features to ensure DET guidelines are met.  ZOOM allows a quality experience for students with the green screen tool.  Students are not able to share their screens with others under the new security.

Copy, paste and complete the following table into an email and send it through the STEM Linc Coordinator to arrange a suitable time for your lesson. (

Your School:
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Term 2 Programs Year Level

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Week days NOT suitable for you?
1. Adaptations
2. Animal Life Cycles
3. Eat or Be Eaten: Wetlands
4. Continental Drift
5. Slimy Science
6. Plant Transport System
7. Green Chemistry
8. Alaska Marine Animals
9. Fabulous Frogs
10. Plant Adaptations
11. Classifying Living Things



PLEASE NOTE: Any information below this line is not accurate and the calendar booking system is not available until after the pandemic. Schools already booked into our Eventbrite system have been contacted separately by email.

 Video Conference Events Calendar (Bookings now open for 2020)

Real-time dial-in events are coordinated by Ecolinc throughout the year to provide schools with another option for engagement in STEM learning.
Full details of planned events are available through our STEM Linc Calendar.  New events will feature in our regular Ecolinc newsletters to schools and on the homepage of Ecolinc Learn onLine (scroll down to ‘Featured Events’).

Click below to visit the Calendar:

How do I book an event?

  1. Locate the event you wish to attend.
  2. Look for the registration link and click it.
  3. Complete your registration details using Eventbrite.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your registration with the dial-in details & CISCO technology support (Please see below).

Are these events free?

Currently STEM Linc events are free of charge.  Numbers are limited for some events to ensure opportunities for student interactivity with presenters.

Engaging STEM Content

Ecolinc collaborates with many interesting STEM specialist content providers, scientists and organisations.  STEM Linc will provide students with an array of interesting opportunities delivered directly into classroom. For some programs you will receive by snail mail a special classroom kit of materials (STEM-in-a-Box) to use during the video conference session.

How can I connect from my classroom?

Late in 2018 all Victorian government schools were equipped with CISCO Webex licences and equipment.  At Ecolinc we realise that not all teachers will be up to speed with the use of this CISCO equipment yet. (ZOOM, Polycom and Skype for Office is fine too) In some cases the equipment your school elected to get may not be located in an easily accessible spot for you to take your students to.  The good news is that we can dial in using our own teacher laptops and built-in webcams.  By projecting the laptop image up on your classroom whiteboard and activating its sound,  students will have a very engaging experience!  Many of our events will use ZOOM for it’s green screen capacity.  It is so easy.  We will send you a ZOOM link to click then you are in the lesson!

Students learn about the adaptation of creatures in our own Great Barrier Reef by engaging with a diver who moves around the reef responding to their questions.

Image: Classes linked to Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef


What’s new at STEMLINC?
STEMLinc would like to introduce … Ranger Nicole.Ranger Nicole is our resident expert on all things living in nature. Ranger Nicole will get you up close and personal with wetland critters and grassland beasts. Be inspired and come on a journey into our wonderful natural world with Ranger Nicole.Environmental issues in space?  Take our LMS design challenge & solve the issue of space junk.  Students took a virtual excursion to explore the current development of a plasma rocket engine and the science behind the technology.
Image: 2019: Connected to Ad Astra Rocket Company Houston Texas

Image: Professor Noah Lott: Continental Drift Lesson

A suite of STEMLinc events featuring Ecolinc’s own Professor Noah Lott are available on our STEMLinc calendar.  Professor Lott is our resident expert in all things STEM. Co-starring some of Ecolinc’s most colorful live-in creatures Professor Lott’s telecasts are sure to capture your imagination!

School will receive STEM-in-a-box lesson kits for all participating students.  This way students have a rich and engaging learning experience regardless location.

Keep an eye out for these as they are book out early!

Image: Linked live to Alaska! ‘Eat or Be Eaten’ lesson.

Feedback after STEM Linc Events

We appreciate your feedback after attending our events.

‘Thanks Jo that was great, keep us on the list for future opportunities.” Rick Ellis Principal Ararat North PS

“Great experience – we will be doing this again.” Carol Booker Principal Darraweit Guim PS

Image: Lesson delivered by Science Museum Melbourne.  Meal Worms devouring polystyrene.

“Our students loved the experience. We can’t wait to do more with your program.”
Jason Horton
Lang Lang Primary School“Thankyou so much for involving us in the live dive it was amazing and the children got a lot out of it.”
Chris Walker St. Albans PS“Unique and fun experience.” “Learnt quite a few things.” “Enjoyed the questions and answers.” Students Thomas Chirnside PS

Image: Professor Noah Lott lights the way before bringing out the animals.
Fantastic Beasts: Adaptations with Professor Noah Lott allows your students to get close and personal with the array of animals here at Ecolinc.  Students learn about the various climate zones and how animals adapt to their environments. Teachers receive STEM-in-a-box lesson materials including posters & stickers.

First in best dressed!

“Check our calendar & book  today!  We look forward to engaging your students in STEM! “

Jo Tate (Digital Projects Coordinator)

Image: 2019 Linked to a NASA engineer live.
Jess shared her story as a NASA female engineer working to improve spacesuits for astronauts.  Students interacted with Jess during her presentation.

Using the CISCO Equipment in your Victorian Government school

(Non-government schools please install the Teams software on your laptop.  You can join our special events and project your laptop to a whiteboard)

  • Download our simple Webex Dial-in Assistance handout click here.

What equipment does your school have?

There were four options for Victorian government schools to select from.

Click your school’s CISCO equipment and download your Getting Started Help Sheets :

  1. The Webex Free Standing Board (Please note that currently there is a recognised Webex board ‘glitch’ when connecting to a meeting involving an outside provider who is using Polycom.  Therefore we currently recommend teachers use Webex Teams software on their laptops and simply connect to a classroom projector or whiteboard with mic and speakers.  Download our Dial-in Assistance handout here.)
  2. The Desk Kit
  3. CISCO Small Room Kit
  4. CISCO Large Room Kit

2. Get the software for your laptop – you can simply join the event from your laptop and project it through your classroom whiteboard that way.  Get the Webex Team software at

Online Learning Modules

Click here to visit the online Learning Modules. (Edumail username and password required)

Which modules should you complete?

  • Webex Teams (Everyone should do these modules.  This is the Webex Team software you have now installed on your laptop(see above).  It will allow you to start your own meetings.  You will also use it to seamlessly access our special STEM events.)
  • Webex Board (Only do this if your school ordered the free standing Webex Board for your school)
  • Webex Room Kit (Only do this if your school ordered the Webex Room kit for your school)
  • Webex Desk Kit (Only do this if your school ordered a desk kit you will be using)

Request Professional Development Skill-Up Sessions for your Victorian Government school

  • Professional development Skill-Up Sessions commence
  • Email: to request training for your school staff
  • Keep an on this page for further learning and development opportunities and upcoming activities

Further assistance

For assistance with digital learning and IT planning, register for region based ICT planning workshops. See:

Each Victorian Region currently has a video conferencing coach to assist schools:

Above: Joanna from Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef