Welcome to Ecolinc Learn onLine!

About our platform

We use a Moodle platform.  Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide you with a secure and integrated system of personalised learning.  Moodle will remember where you are up to in a particular course and Moodle remembers which courses you have completed. 

IMPORTANT: Please delete any old ‘cookies’ on your computer before you start accessing your courses in Learn onLine.   We have noticed they can interfere with access to courses in some cases.

How do I enrol?

Our interactive learning portal is available to students both through teacher enrollment and for individual students to register and enrol in courses.

“My teacher has registered me”

  • You are ready to commence any courses you have been enrolled in.  Login using the details your teacher provides you with.

“I want to register myself”

  • You will need a current email address when you register.  Click the blue Register button at the top right hand corner of your screen.  Browse our online courses and if you find something of interest please feel free to register by following the prompts.  Once you are registered you are able to login using your password.

Logging in to Ecolinc LearnOnline

Once you are registered, click the blue Login button at the top right of your screen.

Changing your password

You will need to answer some common questions that only you know the answer to so that you can change or discover your password at a later date.

We value your opinion

We value your feedback so we can continually improve our virtual course offerings. Each course has its own feedback survey to be submitted prior to the award of completion badges.  Once registered you can use our online contact form.

Course Badges

Once you complete a course successfully you will be awarded a distinct virtual badge to recognise your efforts.  See how many badges you can collect!