First Peoples’ Science

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Course Overview

STEMLinc Video Conferencing: Have you ever wondered how the first peoples of Australia existed before colonisation?  Was science a part of day to day life for Indigenous peoples?  Join Tidda Tash as she explores traditional knowledge systems and the science of daily life of Aboriginal Australians. (Image credit:National Indigenous Australians Agency:Science Conversations )

Year Level: 5 – 6

Duration: 1 hour

STEM in a box:


Background Information:

Indigenous peoples have been walking this land for thousands of years and have included science in their daily life. This includes using the stars for navigation and traditional land management practices including fire farming. These are just a few examples of traditional scientific practices.

Prior Knowledge:

Not required.

Learning Intentions:

In this video conference students will:

  • Learn about Aboriginal implementations of science
  • Recognize the multiple uses for Spinifex grass and how it was utilized.
  • Understand the methods used for traditional bread making and the tools that were required for this.


In this program students will:

  • Witness a demonstration of seed grinding
  • Be involved through interactive questioning about how Indigenous Australians use science in their everyday lives
  • Observe traditional tools and learn their uses.

Victorian Curriculum:

The Humanities – Place, space and interconnection

  • Describe and explain interconnections within places and between places, and the effects of these interconnections (VCGGC087)
  • Influence of people, including the influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, on the environmental characteristics of Australian places (VCGGK094)

Technologies – Food and fibre production

  • Investigate how and why food and fibre are produced in managed environments (VCDSTC035)

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