Fun with Frogs

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Allow your students to explore their curiosity of frogs whilst being engaged in various age-appropriate hands-on activities discovering local frogs, identifying their features and how they can help frogs in their backyard/school.  Frogs are quite remarkable creatures, from their adaptations to their unique features, they are a great animal for students to investigate.

Background Information: Using a blended learning approach, students apply information during a short interactive video to answer some questions about Australian frogs. They can match pictures of frogs to their suitable habitat and explore how they can make a frog friendly habitat in the school or at home. Through interactive and engaging activities, students will consolidate their understanding of frogs and discover how they can help frogs in their local area.

Year Level: F – 2

Prior Knowledge

Not necessary.  Stand alone or prior learning course to the Ecolinc onsite program ‘Fascinating Frogs’.

Course Connections

Does this course link to other Ecolinc programs?

This course is an ideal extension after attending the following onsite program:

Fascinating Frogs

This course is an ideal introduction to the following outreach program:

Frogs Up Close

or this course can stand alone as a learning experience.

Learning Intentions:
In this program students will:

  1. Learn about the features of a frog and where they live
  2. Learn how to make their back yard frog friendly

Estimated Duration: 45 minutes

Victorian Curriculum

Science Level F – 2

  • Living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter, are met (VCSSU042)
  • Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves (VCSSU043)