Introducing Space Junk

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The International Space Station (ISS) recently sprang a “minute pressure leak” 2mm wide. While no official explanation has been made, one of the potential causes could be a small piece of space junk. The US government currently tracks about 23 000 human-made objects floating in space that are larger than a softball. These satellites and chunks of junk zip around the planet at more than 27 360 km/h, approximately 10 times the speed of a bullet.

Background Information:

In this course, students are introduced to ‘what is space junk?’ This course is to be undertaken by students prior to doing the onsite Ecolinc Space Junk program.

Year Level: 5 – 6

Prior Knowledge:

It would be beneficial for students to have a basic understanding of our solar system prior to undertaking this course.

Course Connections:

This course is an introduction to the onsite Space Junk program. Students will need to complete this course prior to attending Ecolinc.

Learning Intentions:

  1. Students are able to use appropriate scientific language to communicate science ideas.
  2. Students are able to understand the issues surrounding space junk.

Estimated Duration: 20 minutes

Victorian Curriculum:

Science – Science as a human endeavour

Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to inform personal and community decisions and to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives (VCSSU073)