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Pollen Power

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Course Overview

STEMLinc Video Conference: Pollen looks like an inconsequential yellow powder but this ‘magical’ dust has surface features that help the grains cling to different modes of transportation, such as bird feathers, bee legs, or animal fur.  In this video conference, students will explore the transfer of pollen between flowers and its role in the reproduction of plants and flowers in our gardens.  During the hands-on component, students will conduct a simple experiment to test run this ‘magical’ yellow powder. (Image: Rawpixel

Year Levels: P – 2

Duration: 1 hour

STEM in a box: Yes

Background Information: 

Pollen can be carried by wind, rafted by water, or shuttled around by any manner of creatures (bees, beetles, birds, or bats) and deposited on the female reproductive part of another flower. It is somewhat hit or miss, and it is, which is why plants produce lots of pollen.

Prior Knowledge:

No prior knowledge is required.

Learning Intentions:

In this program students will:

  • explore the work of bees
  • explore the relationship between plants and animals
  • understand the importance of pollination and its connections to the production of common foods


In this video conference students will:

  • test the transference of pollen between flowers
  • interact with the presenter

Victorian Curriculum:

Science – Biological Science

  • Living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs, including food, water and shelter, are met. VCSSU042

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