VCES: Challenging Climate Change

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Course Overview

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series: Challenging Climate Change has been designed for Years 5-6 high-ability students.  Ice-Core Scientist Chelsea Long (Australian Antarctic Division) will lead an exciting hands-on workshop.  This follows an opening  Q&A session live from New York’s Liberty Science Centre.  What climate secrets do ice cores hold from Earth’s past?  How can we interpret data to understand climate change?  Students will engage with their own ice-core model in this workshop!   Students will take a 15-minute break between the workshop and the opening session.   (Image: Chelsea Long)


  1. For this workshop, teachers will be posted the necessary STEM-in-a-box materials to create frozen ice-core models, one for each group of 4 students.  (This is a very easy process.)
  2. Students will also have one homework task to complete and bring to the session.

There are limited numbers of tickets available.  Only ONE ticket of up to 25 high ability students per school for each event.  

NOTE: Rural and regional students will be a priority in the event of large booking demand.

Program Flyer: Download here: 2024_VCES-Climate Change-Flyer

How to book your group

  1. Book your students into either of the two morning sessions NOT both.
  2. Tickets can be booked using the link below (NOTE: one ticket is for a group of up to 25 students)
  3. Download and complete the attached ‘Student_details’ spreadsheet Student_details and email this through to

After your booking is confirmed

Please download the parental invitation and student nomination forms and distribute these to the families of the students.

2024_Ecolinc_VCES_Student_Nomination_Form1-3-1 (2)

2024_STEAM-Ahead-parent-info-Challenging-Climate-change-1-1 (1)

IMPORTANT:  Cancellation Policy

  1. When you book you will receive an automated message from Eventbrite.  Save this carefully please.
  2. Any cancellations need to be received in time for STEMLinc to re-sell your tickets to other teachers.
  3. Please use the Eventbrite confirmation email to facilitate any cancellation of your booking.  That will automatically release your ticket for re-sale on our system.

Date                                                          Booking link

November 20th 9.30 – 11.30                 Book here

November 21st  9.30 – 11.30                 Book here