VCES Pterosaurs Giants of the Skies

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Course Overview

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series: Pterosaurs: Giants of the Skies has been designed for Years 3-4 high ability students.   Palaeontologist and PhD Candidate, Tim Richards,  from the University of Queensland will lead an exciting presentation followed by a Q&A session.   The theme will be Pterosaurs who were the giants of the skies flying above the Eromanga inland sea.  A short break will then be followed by an engaging hands-on session where students will investigate and compare the mythological concept of a dragon with fossil evidence.
(Image: Artist’s impression of the fearsome Thapunngaka shawi. Credit: ADOBE STOCK)

  • There are limited numbers of tickets available.  Only ONE ticket of up to 25 high ability students per school for each event.
     This is targeted for rural and regional students.
  • Program 2024 Flyer_Pterosaurs

How to book your group

  1. Book your students into either the morning or afternoon session NOT both.
  2. Tickets can be booked using the link below (NOTE: one ticket is for a group of up to 25 students)
  3. Download and complete the attached ‘Student_details’ spreadsheet Student_details  and email this through to

After your booking is confirmed

Please download the parental invitation and student nomination forms and distribute these to the families of the students.

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IMPORTANT:  Cancellation Policy

  1. When you book you will receive an automated message from Eventbrite.  Save this carefully please.
  2. Any cancellations need to be received in time for STEMLinc to re-sell your tickets to other teachers.
  3. Please use the Eventbrite confirmation email to facilitate any cancellation of your booking.  That will automatically release your ticket for re-sale on our system.
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