Ad Astra Rocket Company, Houston Video Conference

The Girls in STEM Conference participants were given a rare insight into the latest developments in space travel technology.  Tiffany Yao, an electrical engineer for Ad Astra gave a fascinating keynote and tour of the lab for an audience of 100 Year 9 girls.   Students learnt about the environmental benefits of plasma powered engine over traditional propellant fuels.  The vacuum chamber that Ad Astra uses to test the plasma engine’s development runs with a fascinating combination of STEM  processes that were explained in detail by Tiffany.  Tiffany also shared her personal journey into a STEM career and provided advice for girls considering that pathway.   Sincere thanks to Tiffany Yao and Miranda Chang (Communications Ad Astra) for their time and effort in supporting this Event.


Above: A unique photo from inside the vacuum chamber showing the liquid plasma ‘exhaust’ with a series of probes testing various readings.