Meet the new 2020 STEMLINC Team!

You may have noticed a number of new faces have joined Professor Noah Lott when you have joined one of our video conferences lately?  We aim to provide schools with a range of opportunities for your students to delight in STEM education during this difficult time.

We are excited to have the following new presenters! 

  1. The Green Fairy: There is something very magical about Ainsley!  Experienced in delivering Ecolinc’s programs,  Ainsley’s colourful personality and fairy costume(!) make her an ideal choice for junior primary STEMlinc lessons.
  2. Tidda Tash: Relatively new to our team in 2020 we are delighted to introduce Natasha Ward our indigenous STEM teacher.  Her suite of video conferences offerings includes, First People’s Science which is already proving very popular with schools.  Book early!
  3. Ranger Nicole:  Any teachers coming on-site over the years will already know Nic and her friendly, engaging manner with students.  Her pedagogical expertise has readily transferred across to the VC sessions she is delivering, including Eat or Be Eaten: Wetlands.  Book in early for these sessions!